QnA About Business : Why Are Certain Investment Sectors Prioritized?

Investment together with manufacturing industry and export are expected to be the pillars of Indonesian economy. There are three aspects where investments shall contribute the most to the economy.

First, supporting sustainable economic growth. We seek quality investments, that do not only see Indonesia as a market, but also a production base, investment that add value to our natural resources, contribute to out export and substitute our import. We also seek responsible investments that considering environmental and social factors to embrace long term benefit.

Second, creating jobs, improving productivity and competitiveness. Investment in manufacturing sector is prioritized, especially labor intensive industry export-oriented and import-substitution industry, and also downstream industry of natural resources.

Thur, promoting equal development distribution. We encourage more investment realized outside Java Island, the most populated island in Indonesia. We offer more incentives especially to investment located in the eastern part of Indonesia, such as Nusa Tenggara, Maluku, and Papua

Source : Frequently Asked Question on Investment book by BKPM

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