QnA About Business : What Sector is Recommended to Invest in Indonesia?

As of  2015, Indonesian Government has laid the new focus on several business sectors as planned in The Investment Strategic Planning for the period of 2015-2019. These Priority sector were selected base on the economic advantages, growth factors and productivity aspects. The sectors are as follows.

  1. Infrastructure : 35 GW power generation, 24 sea ports, multimode transportation
  2. Agriculture : Food estate, Corn Plantation, Cattle, Salt
  3. (Industry) Labor-intensive Industry : Textile, Food & Beverages, Furniture, Footwear, Lifestyle,
  4. (Industry) Import-substitution Industry : Chemical & Pharmaceutical, Iron & Steel, Component, Defend Industry
  5. (Industry) Export-oriented Industry : Electronics, CPO & Derivative Products, Wood Products and Pulp & Paper, Automotive
  6. (Industry) Downstream Industry of Natural Resources : Cacao, Sugar, Smelter
  7. Maritime : Ship Building, Cold Storage, Marine Technology
  8. Tourism, SEZ & Industrial Park : 10 Tourism SEZ, 8 Existing SEZ, 7 New SEZ, 14 Priority Industrial Parks, 10 Tourism Priority Destination
  9. Digital Economy : e-Commerce, Financial Technology, IT Based Creative Economy

In addition to the above, most industries and other business fields in Indonesia are open for foreign investment unless mentioned otherwise in the Investment Guidance or previously calle the negative investment list. This regulation attaches to the Investment Law under Presidential Regulation.

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