How to Setup Business in Indonesia

Specify at least two shareholders of the company that you will establish in Indonesia. there are provisions of shareholders who are permitted to establish business entities in Indonesia.
for example in the construction sector, foreign companies must conduct joint ventures with local companies that already have construction service business licenses with large qualifications (composition of shares 67% and 33%).

Determine what line of business you will run in Indonesia, then adjust the field to list negative Indonesian investments

Register the company you founded in Indonesia, before that you have to get investment approval from the ministry of law and human rights republic of Indonesia.

Register your business in Indonesia today through online single submission. You will get a master number (NIB-Nomor Induk Berusaha) that means you can run a business in Indonesia.

Several business sectors such as the construction, oil and gas, mining, electricity, trade and event organizer sectors must have operational permits. operational permits are permitted to local or foreign companies.

Please consult us for the costs and operational permit requirements that you need

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