Foreign Investment Company (PT. PMA)

The most suitable body shape for foreign investors who want to carry out construction activities is a Limited Liability Company with Foreign Investment, or PT PMA

Almost all construction project tenders in Indonesia that require complete foreign investors who already have a business entity in the form of PT.

Establishment of PT. PMA in the construction sector requires that you conduct a previous Joint Venture with a local company that has a construction service business permit with a large qualification and has experience in projects with the same field of at least Rp. 83.3 Billion / Sub-sector.

The composition of shares between foreign companies and local companies is:

  • foreign company max 67 %
  • local company min 33 %



Place of business for PT. PMA is permitted in office buildings, whether rented or privately owned, which are located in special areas of business premises. For construction companies, we do not refer to using a Virtual Office

We help you find local business entities for joint ventures with you. This local business entity certainly has experience in project work in the same field with a minimum project value of Rp. 83.33 billion / subsector.

Certification & Registration 

After you established PT. PMA in which there is a Joint Venture with PT Local B1, then you must go through registration & IUJK certification to the Indonesian government


The thing you have to prepare is:
  1. Prepare classification & sub classification according to the field you are running
  2. Based on this classification, prepare the number of experts according to the classification. for example you want to build an apartment, then the experts needed are Bachelor Degree Graduated from Architecture or Civil Engineering


How about if you don’t have a partnership to build PT. PMA?

We recommend that you register & certify a foreign business entity from your country that has obtained constitutional legality in the country of origin. Furthermore, you will not become PT PMA, but rather become BUJKA, a construction services business


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