Construction Contractor

This type of construction business is as a construction implementer that can involve small construction companies (subcontractors) for large construction, in accordance with the Regulations of the Construction Services Development Agency Regulation (LPJK) No. 03 in 2017.

The types of work are Building (BG), Civil Structure (SI), Mechanical & Electrical Installation (MK & EL), Other Implementing Services, Implementation Specialists (SP), and Implementation Skills (KT).

You can choose which classification is suitable for the type of work you have run so far.

The selection of this classification is also adjusted to the value of the project per sub-classification that you have run, with a minimum project value of Rp 83.33 Million per sub-classification.

Each classification that you choose and which you will register here is also prepared by certified company experts according to its classification.

The more classifications you choose, the more experts you need.

Please select the classification and sub-classification that you will register following the table list below:

Classification of Construction Implementation Services Business (CONTRACTOR)

Classification of  BUILDING (BG) :

Code Sub Classification
BG001 Single & Single Residential Building Construction Services
BG002 Multi or Multiple Residential Building Construction Services
BG003 Warehouse & ndustrial Building Construction Services
BG004 Commercial Building Construction Services
BG005 Public Entertainment Building Construction Services
BG006 Construction Services for Hotel, Restaurant and Other Similar Buildings
BG007 Educational Building Construction Services
BG008 Health Building Construction Services
BG009 Implementing Services for Other Building Construction

Classification of CIVIL BUILDING (SI) :

Code Sub Classification
SI001 Construction Services for Water Channels, Ports, Dam, and Other Water Resources Infrastructure
SI002 Construction Services for Drinking Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants and Waste Management Buildings
SI003 Highway Construction Services (except Flyways), Roads, Railways, and Airport Runways
SI004 Implementing Services for Bridge Construction, Flyovers, Tunnels and Subway
SI005 Implementing Services for Construction of Long Distance Drinking Water Pipes
SI006 Implementation Services for Construction of Remote Wastewater Pipes
SI007 Oil and Gas Gas Pipeline Construction Services
SI008 Implementation Services for Local Drinking Water Piping Construction
SI009 Implementing Services for Construction of Local Wastewater Pipes
SI010 Services for Construction of Local Oil and Gas Piping Construction
SI011 Executing Services for Stadium Building Workers for Outdoor Sports
SI012 Building Construction Services Indoor Sports Facilities and Recreation Facilities

Classification of MECHANICAL & ELECTRICAL (MK & EL) :

Code Sub Classification
MK001 Air Conditioner, Heating and Ventilation Installation Services
MK002 Construction Services Installation of Plumbing in Buildings and Channels
MK003 Construction Services for Installing Gas Pipes in Buildings
MK004 Construction Implementation Services Insulation in Buildings
MK005 Construction Implementation Services Installation of Lifts and Walking Stairs
MK006 Mining and Manufacturing Construction Services
MK007 Thermal Installation Construction Services, Pressurized, Oil, Gas, Geothermal (Engineering Works)
MK008 Construction Services for Transport Equipment Installation & Lift Equipment
MK009 Installation Services for Production, Storage of Oil & Gas Facilities (Engineering Works)
EL001 Construction Services Installation of All Power Power Plant Installation
EL002 Construction Services for 10 MW Maximum Power Plant Installation
EL003 Construction Services for New & Renewable Energy Power Plant Installation
EL004 Construction Services of High Voltage / Extra High Voltage Transmission Network Installation
EL005 Construction Services for Telecommunications Transmission Networks and / or Telephones
EL006 Construction Services for Medium Voltage Electricity Distribution Networks
EL007 Construction Services for Installation of Low Voltage Electricity Distribution Network Installation
EL008 Construction Services Provider of Telecommunication Distribution Network Installation and / or Telephone
EL009 Construction Implementation Services Installation and Instrumentation Control Systems
EL010 Construction Services for Electric Power Installation Buildings & Factories
EL011 Other Electrical Installation Construction Services


Code Sub Classification
PL001 Services for Rental of Construction Tools and Building Disassembly or Other Civil Works with Operators
PL002 Prefabricated Construction Assembly and Installation Services for Building Construction
PL003 Prefabricated Construction Assembly and Installation Services for Road and Bridge and Railroad Construction
PL004 Assembling Services and Installation of Prefabricated Inspections for Construction of Infrastructure for Water Resources, Irrigation, Pier, Ports, Collection and Clean Water, Waste and Waste (Incinerator) Buildings


Code Sub Classification
SP001 Field Investigation Work
SP002 Demolition Work
SP003 Land and Location Preparation and Maturation Work
SP004 Land, Excavation and Stockpiling Works
SP005 Field Preparation Work for Mining\Scaffolding Works
SP006 Foundation Work, including its Design
SP007 Deep Groundwater Well Drilling Work
SP008 Roofing and Waterproofing Work
SP009 Concrete Works
SP010 Steel Works and Installation, including Welding
SP011 Stone Installation Work
SP012 Other Special Construction Works
SP013 Pavement Work with Special Equipment Series
SP014 Landscape Work / Parks
SP015 Building Building Maintenance Works

Classification of SKILL IMPLEMENTATION (KT):

Code Sub Classification
KT001 Glass Work and Window Glass Installation
KT002 Plastering Work
KT003 Work of Painting
KT004 Floor and Wall Ceramic Installation Works
KT005 Other Floor Mounting Works, Wall Coverings and Wallpaper Mounting
KT006 Wood Works and / or Connection of Wood with Other Materials
KT007 Interior Decoration and Installation Works
KT008 Ornament Installation Work
KT009 Gipsum Installation Work
KT010 Acoustic Celling Installation Work
KT011 Installation of Curtain Wall


* Only the classification of Executing Skills Services is only permitted for LOCAL COMPANY with Small qualifications

* Specifically for Specialist Executing Services classification, it is only permitted for 1 (one) type of business entity.