QnA about Investment : What Makes Indonesia The Promising Destination For Investment?

Indonesia is the fourth most populous country in the world with young work force and a large and growing domestic market due to the demographic bonus, making Indonesia on of the world’s leading economies.

As the only G-20 member in Southeast Asia and an active voice to develop world concerns, Indonesia plays a more significant role in the global stage. Standard Chartered foresees Indonesia’s entry into the G-7by 2030, and projects that the Indonesian economy could become the 10th largest by 2020 and the  5th largest by 2030.

Being the world’s the 3rd largest flourishing democracy with the largest Muslim populations, Indonesia has a stable policy situation with high commitment to implement structural reforms. Worldwide Governance Indicators Survey conducted by World Bank indicated that Indonesia has improvements in several indicator such as Government Effectiveness, Regulatory Quality, and Control of Corruption.

Indonesia’s economic growth which continues to rise along with the improvement in investment climate have upgraded Indonesia’s ease of doing business rank from 91 to 72 by 2018. In addition to that, Indonesia has leaped to the fourth place, from previously on the eight place, as a prospective investment destination 2017-2019 based on the survey by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD).

Indonesia has abundant of natural resources. It also has the second highest biodiversity level in the world after Brazil. Aside from the flora and fauna, Indonesia is a home to many ecosystems. From beaches, small islands, coral reefs, seaweed beds, sand dunes, tidal flats, coastal mud, mangroves and others make Indonesia the most attractive place for investment especially in the tourism sector.

Source : Frequently Asked Questions for Investment by BKPM

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