Is it important for PT or CV to have legality?

How important is CV or PT legality?

Which one takes precedence, for PT / CV or business first?

It is indeed necessary to establish a PT / CV, What is the point?

Many of our clients ask questions about this, especially for those who will start up their business or have run a business but do not have a business entity that covers their business. For the following, I describe some of the benefits of having a PT Establishment document or CV Establishment:

  • Copyright Company Name
    Your PT Company name is guaranteed not to match the name of the other PT company. Because the government ensures and regulates every name of the new business entity will not be the same as the name of the business entity that has been established and registered previously.
  • Avoid routine joint raids
    The business entity certificates are like a SIM for a vehicle, sometimes SATPOL PP – the Trade Office conducts routine joint raids and imposes sanctions for those who do not have a SIM for their business entity. Embarrassed by neighbors and family because they have an illegal business.
  • Prestige
    For workers, the documents are diplomas, if the employers are legal documents, they are business licenses …
  • Facilitate business transactions with business partners because of PKP
    Sometimes there are business entities that only want to buy goods and services that use VAT (Value Added Tax), well, this is where the special CV and PT. the certificate owner of the PT / CV business entity is permitted by the government to collect VAT for the goods it sells.
  • Special Facilities from the Bank
    Having an account in the name of the company, payment by check and checking account, will certainly make your business look more professional, you can also apply for credit or working capital at the bank. Everything is your right, if you have a company legality PT / CV.
  • As a condition for participating in tenders, auctions, suppliers / suppliers. Payment terms when finished work The tender requirements are even more detailed in checking your company’s legality.
  • CV PT That can be sold. The price can be 3x the cost of making it. As long as you know how
  • We can be occupied by “Nge sub” or borrow names. Well, this is all people know, on average, the commission is 2.5% of the value of work. Not bad …

And of course there are many more benefits that you can by establishing CV or establishing PT. still confused ? just call 021.4759234 for further consultation.

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