Deep Grief Lippo Group from Meikarta

Not yet finished with the alleged case of Meikarta’s licensing bribery, one of the subsidiaries of the lippo group in the field of technology tripping over arrears on the obligations of the 2.3 GHz frequency rights fee in 2016 and 2017.

Indeed, this is not the only time the Lippo Group has stumbled on various cases. But, the last two cases raise the question, what’s with the Lippo Group? How bad is the condition? How should investors behave in this condition?

On the floor of the stock exchange, some of its shares dropped, at least since the beginning of this year. The problem of each subsidiary is different, but the impact is the same. The decline in the value of the shares made the capitalization of the lippo group companies in the Stock Exchange sag deep. One of the triggers is a meikarta project that is threatened by traffic jams. With the super-jumbo investment value mentioned, it reaches Rp.278 Trillion. Meikarta is the largest investment value project in the history of Lippo.

But Meikarta also dragged the Lippo Group into the storm. This case of disorderly licensing makes the property issuer’s shares drop sharply to 26.15%, devastated by the selloff of market participants

Orderly administration on licensing does look unproblematic at the beginning, but it is very risky if you are negligent. Because these permits are self-assessment, the government will not force the business entity to make permits, but will still take firm action against the business actors who ignore them. If only Meikarta had followed the rules that applied in an orderly manner in certifying the legality of its company, of course this deep sorrow from Meikarta would never have happened.

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