Try to Seek This. How to Developer Choice Contractor in Tender

In develop the project, generally a developer holding together with Construction Company or Contractor for doing work technically and physically. This can be done through a tender process or direct appointment.
To facilitate the work process, the obligation of the developer is to submit detailed specifications and the desired deadline, then the contactor submits the price to fulfill all the tasks.
If the price is agreed, cooperation will occur. The developer just watching the progress. However, before entrusting the project to one contractor company, there are several criteria that developers usually pay attention.

According to Agus Susilo, Director of Cimanggis City, developers will usually choose experienced construction companies. especially work similar to what will be done. Check the results by making a visit to the project that has been carried out. Make sure that the contractor actually does all the work, not just a certain sub-job.
For example, said Agus, in building Cimanggis City’s first tower, PT Permata Sakti Mandiri (PSM) delegated work to leading and experienced contractors PT Yasa Patria Perkasa. The works that have been produced include the Martadipura Bridge, Kualanamu International Airport, Antasari Flyover, and the Kartasura-Karanganyar Section 1 toll road.
“The selection of the main contractor is very mature. “PT Yasa was chosen because it has a good reputation in building construction and infrastructure,” he said.
Cimanggis City itself is now entering the construction structure of tower A, with the target of topping-off and launching of tower B in mid-2019. The unit price is currently pegged to start at Rp319 million.

The developer will check the validity of the contracted company that will take part in the tender. Including how much work has been done, how accurate the plan is for quality, cost and time. They will also check clients who have used company services.

Initial capital is needed primarily to start work. The contractor may not only rely on funds from the owner. So it must be seen from good financial statements. The financial statements that have been audited by the public accounting office will provide added value.

This consultation can be seen in the tender process. How actively the work team combines work with the owner, becomes a bidding document for offer details.

The price offered must be a reasonable price, not too expensive or too cheap but the most competitive among others.
The price offered must also be clear and there are no hidden things, which potentially will be required to be paid in the future.

Administrative and legal neatness can be seen from reports made on other projects and tender documents. Designated personnel must have sufficient experience, can be seen through the CV or information from other parties.

This is the part that looks spele but it turns out to be very important. The developer will ensure that the Contractor Company does not have problems with permission, expired documents will usually be disqualified soon. Construction services business licenses (IUJK), SKA Experts, Company Associations owned by the company will also be in the spotlight. Make sure your company has the right permits. In addition, the developer will also ensure that construction companies do not have problems with the environment or the law, both the company and the personnel in it. Because prequalification is not surveyed, developers will see environmental permits such as EIA, Disruption Law, ISO and the company’s safety system.

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